Reverse Channel Letters

Looking for that extra touch..?

Our reverse Halo-Lit Letters feature a subtle image of your logo or name with the addition of a silhouette on the wall.
Reverse channel letters are built the opposite of standard channel letters; they are manufactured of thick aluminum; welding faces with returns and illuminated individually by L.E.D. modules or neon gas tube.
The letters back is fitted with a clear lexan to diffuse the light and protect the lighting components and wiring; these metal letters are then separated a couple of inches from the wall which produce a “halo” effect around each letters; creating a variety of effects depending on the color, sheen, and texture of the building surface.
During daylight hours, reverse channel letters look much the same as standard channel letters. However, at night they take on a very unique “halo” appearance, providing a distinctive look that is softer and more elegant than that of it standard channel letters counterpart.