Pylon Sign

Also called “Free-stand Signs” or “Pole Signs” are a perfect application for shopping centers, building business identification, restaurants, industrial parks, schools, etc, and other shared locations. They will positively project your company’s image from a great distance, increasing visibility for your business or for all tenants within these centers.

Our pylon System is designated to create unique and attractive illuminated and non-illuminated signage. This monolithic styling is used for primary site identification, direction and information.

Pylon Signs are fabricated from aluminum, steel, plastics, foams, etc; allowing us to create a unique and wide range of shapes, sizes & colors.

Pylon Signs may also have an electronic display, projecting still, scrolling or moving images; including video and animation. This high impact visual communication structure will without a doubt, create a center of attention for your company and provide real-time delivery of information.